Hyun De Grande, SBC


Muil (Maw)

Richard has the unusual fantasy of getting sexually aroused by the idea of being devoured by an animal. In a contact ad he gets to know Max and with that encounter the chance of making his fantasy real. But does he dare?

project info

Jasper Vrancken






Nicolas Duval

Shot On

Arri Alexa SXT + Cooke anamorphics


Court Métrage 2019
Maniatic 2019
Copenhagen Short Film 2019
Satisfied Eye 2019
Madeira Fantastic Film 2019
Sadique Master 2019
Landshuter Kurzfilm 2019
Mostra Espantomania 2019
Hexploitation Film Festival 2019
FantaFestival 2018
Festival Rojo Sangre 2018
Leuven Kort 2018
Splat Film Fest 2018
Boca De Inferno 2018
La Mano 2018
Morbido Film Fest 2018
Ithaca Fantastic Film 2018
Flint Fright Filmfest 2018
Razor Reel Flanders 2018
Celluloid Screams 2018
Internationales Braunschweig 2018
Mostra Internacional 2018
New Orleans Horror 2018
Fantasy Filmfest 2018
Midwest Horror Fest 2018
BUT Film Festival 2018
Grossman Fantastic Film 2018
BIFFF 2018


Jury Award (Maniatic 2019)
Best Shortfilm (Court Métrage 2019)
Best Shortfilm (Razor Reel 2018)
Best Shortfilm (Mostra 2018)
Best Actor (Mostra 2018)
Best Cinematography (Mostra 2018)
Best Art Direction (Mostra 2018)
Best Actor (Nola Horror 2018)
Best Foreign Short (Filmquest 2018)